Courtesy Runner for Catchers: If the catcher is on base and there are two (2) outs a courtesy runner may be used so the player can put their equipment on regardless of which base they are on. This is an option for your catcher and does not need to be exercised.

     Courtesy Runners: A courtesy runner is used to run in place of the batter who must safely reach first base on their own. A courtesy runner is not permitted if the player reaches 2nd or 3rd base, unless there is an injury during play. The courtesy runner must be the last out of that inning (or last at bat if zero outs). The need for a courtesy runner should be noted prior to the start of the game or if a player is hurt during the course of a game.

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  1. 1.     No new inning after 1hr 45mins.

  2. 2.     Pick-ups may be used during tournament play (same rules as league play) with the following exception: Pitchers may not pitch for another team during tournament play.

  3. 3.     A coin flip will be used to determine home/visiting team at EVERY GAME. This will be done at the start of the game by the umpire with two team captains at the plate. The team that finished the highest in the regular season standings will call the toss. Winner of the coin toss chooses home or visitor.


Cathy Stonehouse/Karen Sufak, Donna Mugford, Colleen Merlin/Michelle Kyte, Michelle Dakin


Assembling your team roster and ensuring you have enough players each week.

Ensuring the score is kept at each game

Email the score of the game each week by Friday to Colleen Merlin

When notified that the game is rained out, promptly notify your team

Share with your team any emails or notices that have been distributed

When home team, ensure that all responsibilities are met (putting down bases, lining, providing balls etc.)

As a team rep, you may be required to vote on ideas or issues that are brought up throughout the season